Topics Covered

Guided Imagery, Color, Light

  • 1

    WEEK 1

    • Zoom Live 1 - Tuesday's Beginning 5/12/2020

    • Guided Imagery (Coming Soon!)

    • Subconscious Mind versus Conscious Mind

    • Sources and Responses to Outside Influences versus Programmed Responses

  • 2

    Week 2

    • Zoom Live 2 - Postponed to TUESDAY 6/2/2020

    • Chakras - What are They? Locations and Colors

    • How are Chakras Effected by Sounds and Colors?

    • How are Chakras Effected By Emotions?

    • How are Chakras Effected by Relationships?

    • Why Do We Need to Balance the Chakras?

    • Chakra Suite by Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music

  • 3

    Week 3

    • Live Zoom 3 - Tuesday 6/9/2020

    • Connecting Chakras with Others

    • Chakra Balancing Spiral Meditation

  • 4

    Week 4

    • Live Zoom 4 - Tuesday 6/16/2020

    • Learning to Use Interactive Dialogue with Your Clients

  • 5

    Bonus: Final Q&A

    • Final Week - Zoom Live Q&A, Bonus Week 6/23/2020

Save your Practice, Preserve Your Clients and Enhance Your Techniques

After just four 90-minute sessions you will be able to treat clients from a distance through guided imagery, color, interactive dialogue to help them relax, reduce stress, pain, manage anxiety, fear and grief.

Gifts for You

And there's more...

  • Genius Insights Biofeedback Demo

    Genius Insight is the latest technological breakthrough in the field of Advanced Biofeedback & Bioresonance. Instantly analyze your Voice Stress Parameters and then stimulate your body's own innate healing using Sound & Electromagnetic Frequencies. Genius balances and harmonizes the body, by reducing stress and activating the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing the body back into homeostasis.

  • Interactive Facebook Forum (Valued at $597)

    Additional information provided at no cost periodically before, during and after the live workshops. Continue receiving support as long as you are a member of the community.

  • Individual Coaching Session (Valued at $397)

    15 Minute Individual Coaching session where we answer your most pertinent questions.

About the Facilitators

Lead Instructor

Barry Tydings

With over 35 years of experience, Barry Tydings is a 7th generation intuitive, a developer and the creator of the Institute for Lifestyle Change. As a spiritual mentor, author, speaker and expert, Tydings coaches individuals, couples, and corporations to achieve ultimate success.

Lead Instructor

Nicole Stewart

Nicole Stewart is an intuitive, certified Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, and a 15 year successful business owner. In 2003, she began her journey on a path to self-realization, becoming interested in assisting people to transform their challenges by speaking from personal experiences. Among her passions are Ayurveda and working with parents to create conscious relationships with their children.