The 4-Step Business Breakthrough System

Learn how to predictably add millions of dollars to YOUR alternative-healthcare practice by helping people live longer, happier, healthier lives...through the power of the 4-Step Business Breakthrough System you will discover...

  • How to Transform Toxic Failure Patterns

  • 8 advertising mistakes that keep business owners broke, plus how to SOLVE each one.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Secrets Reveled to Choosing your Target Market step by step

  • 3 Easy Ways to Compel Your Prospects, Customers, Clients or Patients to Do More Business You

  • Get More Referrals with our Simple Referral-Getting System

Course Curriculum

Become financially independent, enabling you to work because you want to, not have to and leave a legacy that lives far beyond you.

The Key to Unlocking Your Business Potential

You deserve to earn more money in your business. The wonderful thing is by earning more money, what you're really doing in enabling people to live long. You don't have to compromise your values in order to be more succesful. Your success in your business eequals a better world. The bigger you grow, the better the world becomes.

The Experts' Expert

Imagine, having an advice from a mentor who has built successful businesses in nearly every industry and all around the globe without fail, there for you step by step to answer your pertinent questions.

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    12 Week Immersive, Interactive Group Coaching Plus Private 1x1 Q&A

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Group Coaching Only: 4-Step Business Breakthrough Process


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The Experts Expert

Lead Instructor

Barry Tydings

With over 35 years of experience, Barry Tydings is a 7th generation intuitive, a developer and the creator of the Institute for Lifestyle Change. As a spiritual mentor, author, speaker and expert, Tydings coaches individuals, couples, and corporations to achieve ultimate success.

Lead Instructor

Nicole Stewart

Nicole Stewart is an intuitive, certified Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, and a 15 year successful business owner. In 2003, she began her journey on a path to self-realization, becoming interested in assisting people to transform their challenges by speaking from personal experiences. Among her passions are Ayurveda and working with parents to create conscious relationships with their children.